Finally, European Commission backs S&D’s call for protection for whistle-blowers

“The S&D Group have been calling for years for EU-wide legislation to protect whistle-blowers. From LuxLeaks to Cambridge Analytica, whistle-blowers have helped expose some of the biggest scandals in recent memory. They play an essential role in our democracies, shining a light on dodgy practices and helping us crack down on unethical behaviour. However, far too often those exposing the malpractice face the repercussions, while those they expose get off scot free. We are happy to see that finally the European Commission has heeded our call and recognised the need to do something about this.”

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Mark Zuckerberg must now testify in front of the European Parliament

The S&D Group today called for an urgent plenary debate next week in Strasbourg on the misuse of millions of Facebook users’ data. The Group is also calling for Mark Zuckerberg to come before the European Parliament’s civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee and explain exactly what took place and how EU citizens have been affected.

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Udo Bullmann on his first foreign trip as S&D leader to Budapest, Hungary

On Thursday, the newly elected leader of the S&D Group Udo Bullmann starts his tour of the European Union’s capital cities in Budapest, Hungary. During the two days visit he will meet representatives from think tanks, trade unions and media. He will also talk with the leaders of the Hungarian political parties that are members of the S&D family, including Democratic Coalition (DK) chairman, former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) candidate for prime-minister, Dialogue for Hungary co-chair Karácsony Gergely.

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