It is time to stand up and fight for a Europe that protects people

“68 years after the Schuman Declaration, the European Union is under attack from populists and anti-Europeans. They are trying to tear the roots from the very community that gave us the longest peace in our history and is our best chance to safeguard and bolster our European model of society in today’s turbulent times.

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S&Ds disappointed with the EU Commission’s proposal on MFF; this is not enough to face current and new challenges

Following today’s presentation of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) by the European Commission, the S&D Group expressed its concerns for a MFF proposal that marks some very timid steps forward, but yet is missing the necessary courage and foresight to face the current and the new challenges ahead for the EU. The EU needs a more ambitious MFF as the one voted by the Parliament on March 14.

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Socialists and Democrats set up a six-month lab to contribute to an alternative model of development for the EU.

The European Union was built on solidarity, cohesion and the prospect of a better life. However, over the last decades we are seeing the opposite: growing inequality, fragmented societies and the weakening of Europe’s jewel, its social model.
Citizens are aware, and they worry: according to the last Eurobarometer, 84% of Europeans think that income differences are too great, and more than half expect their governments to do something about it. The Socialists and Democrats in Europe are eager to change the current trend and to start re-building a society based on trust, fairness, cohesion and solidarity.

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Time to put an end to forum shopping and letter-box companies

“The European Commission has listened to our call and comes forward with proposals to crack-down on the increasing number of ‘letter box’ companies. These are companies which move their headquarters to jurisdictions where they have little or no genuine economic activity, simply to benefit from lower taxes or lower social protections for their workers. The recent ECJ ruling showed that this was perfectly allowed under current EU law, creating a ‘free for all’ situation highlighting that existing rules were not fit for purpose. Without new laws this would lead to a race to the bottom between member states, offering lower protections and sweetheart tax deals to multinational firms.

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Finally, European Commission backs S&D’s call for protection for whistle-blowers

“The S&D Group have been calling for years for EU-wide legislation to protect whistle-blowers. From LuxLeaks to Cambridge Analytica, whistle-blowers have helped expose some of the biggest scandals in recent memory. They play an essential role in our democracies, shining a light on dodgy practices and helping us crack down on unethical behaviour. However, far too often those exposing the malpractice face the repercussions, while those they expose get off scot free. We are happy to see that finally the European Commission has heeded our call and recognised the need to do something about this.”

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