Euro MPs Want To Change Europe

The EU is about to take decisions that will seriously affect the future of its citizens. Proposals now before EU governments and the European Parliament would impose unprecedented austerity measures that would lead to more job losses, social exclusion and poverty in Europe.

Today, progressive members of the European Parliament, including their leader Martin Schulz, former prime ministers, academics, trade union and civil society figures, sound a warning. In an online appeal at, they urge EU citizens to join them in a campaign to change Europe.

The appeal – opened for signatures today – denounces the current approach of cutbacks alone, claiming that it threatens growth, jobs and investment.

It says: “Ideological choices – to be taken in the name of the budget discipline needed in a time of crisis will endanger both social cohesion between Europeans and our ability together to bring about an ecological transformation of our economies. In particular, these choices run the risk of sacrificing a whole generation of young people in a good number of member states. These young people are hit very hard by unemployment. They feel more and more excluded and rejected instead of being able to play a full part in building their own future”.

The appeal advocates an alternative to the austerity measures put forward by right-wing politicians in Europe. Measures called for in the appeal include the introduction of Eurobonds to draw together some of the member states’ debt, work on the foundations of an EU-wide fiscal policy and a tax on financial transactions. They called all of those who believe in a fairer way out of the crisis, that will strengthen Europe instead of weakening it, to join them.

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